Bible Studies at Rejoice

Bible study contributes greatly to the development of Christian faith. Yet some shy away from Bible study, thinking they have to be great Bible scholars to be accepted! Let us debunk that myth and connect you with one of these small groups where you can meet with others who want to dig in and understand God’s word in a safe, supportive environment.

Adult Bible Studies on Saturday Mornings

Kick off your weekend by joining the Saturday morning Bible study, which is open to all adults! On Saturdays year-round from 8-9am, this small group meets to cover all kinds of lessons for Christian living from the Bible: being forgiven, seeking truth, overcoming fear and more.
All adults are welcome to the group at any time—come and go as your schedule allows. Check the Rejoice app for more details!

Women's Bible Studies on Wednesday Mornings

What does it means to be a woman of faith in a world that values beauty, riches and unrealistic goals? How can Christians shine their light in this broken world without being broken down in the process?
Women of all ages are invited to the women's Bible study, which meets at the church on Wednesdays, 9:30-11am.  Learn more in the Rejoice app!