Eileen Knowles

Director of Communications

Eileen is our social media guru and communications expert here at Rejoice! She makes sure our congregation stays connected and is always in the know. She also has a knack for keeping our staff on track!

Hi, I'm Eileen and I have been on staff at Rejoice Lutheran since 2019. I am passionate about helping others find connection and community. I enjoy using my experience in communications and administration to help support the Rejoice family and team. My faith and love for Christ began when I was a child but, like so many, the journey has definitely been filled with many challenges.

Losing my mom to breast cancer when I was 18 impacted me greatly and I found myself turning down the volume on the Lord and running away from Him for many years. That season has made me so grateful that we serve a God who never gives up on us and is always pursuing us with His love!  

Eileen and her husband Roger have been married since 2002 and their son, Sean, is currently a junior in high school.


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