Janeen Kloese

Children's Minister

Janeen leads our Ignite Children ministry here at Rejoice. Whether it be during worship, first communion, or small group time, she has created a beautiful and caring environment for Rejoice's children as they begin their journey of faith.

Janeen Kloese

I have been a member of Rejoice since before Rejoice had a building! I have been married to Jon since 2000 and together we have a beautiful daughter, Jenna. Rejoice has been an important part of my faith journey and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the faith life of Rejoice’s children.

I have a degree in Elementary Education and a passion for Early Childhood/Preschool. I am blessed to be working with Jessica, my amazing friend and partner in this ministry God has called us to. Together we have created a beautiful, caring environment for Rejoice’s children to begin their lifelong journey of faith.


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