Marco Saporito

Director of Worship & Technology

Marco leads the Rejoice Worship Ensemble during worship and special events. He manages the business office and makes sure the Rejoice app & website are always up to date.

Marco Saporito

I was first introduced to Rejoice in 1999 after accepting an invitation to play guitar from fellow musician, Patrick Moynihan. Little did I know that this would begin a 20‐year partnership in Ministry! My amazing wife, Tonya, is an incredible person and teaches 4th grade in Wheaton, IL. In 2014, we welcomed our son, Vincent, into the world. He loves learning everything he can about planets and our solar system and enjoys building, crafting, drawing and singing.

I grew up listening to my dad sing and play accordion, and I’ve had a passion for music ever since. I’ve been playing and teaching guitar my entire adult life, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to play and sing with so many talented musicians in the ensemble every week. It’s been an absolute joy to write, arrange and plan music for worship. I also have a background in IT and love all things tech.

When my dad passed in 2007, the amount of love and support my family and I received from this congregation was simply amazing. My faith has grown tremendously thanks to everyone here on staff and being a part of this wonderful congregation. Rejoice has been a major part of my life through all things, and I am so happy to do all I can to help grow this church and introduce others to Christ!


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